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Sleeve Sessions: 1-3

Where am I?

Session 1: Breath and Ribcage

Session 2: Support Through the Feet

Session 3: Length Up the Sides

Rolfing® Structural Integration 10 Series

The Recipe”

A major theme of these sessions is establishing the body within 3-dimensional space. 

Some general goals (customizable per client):

Core Sessions: 4-7

Who am I?

Session 4: Opening the Bottom of the Core

Session 5: Continuing Through the Pelvis

Session 6: Giving Space to the Sacrum

Session 7: How the Head Balances it All

In these sessions we begin to work with deeper 

tissues that influence the spine.

Some general goals (customizable per client):

  • Further  support from legs up through the pelvis
  • Optimize the pelvic floor structure and function 
    • no internal work 
    • this is done by way of external connected structures
  • Relieve drag and pull on spine from organ structures (pre-vertebral support)
  • Lengthen up the front of the spine (pre-vertebral space)
  • Free the sacrum from kinetic drag from hips and legs to optimize function in movement as well as structural support as the sacrum is the base of the spine 
  • Differentiate neural cranium from visceral cranium to relieve congestion and increase space and a sense of ease through the neck and head

Integration Sessions: 8-10

How Am I in the World?

In these sessions we bring all of the work together and establish a full, new, and optimal sense of order for the clients entire person.

Some general goals (customizable per client):

  • Differentiate pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle, limbs, torso, sleeve and core.
  • Integrate pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle, limbs, torso, sleeve and core.
  • Prepare client for assimilation and further manifestation of the 10 series through their daily lives.

Session 8: Integration Begins

Session 9: Integration Across the Body

Session 10: Balance the Horizontals


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