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What is Meditation?

In its various forms, it is a process of fine tuning the mind. Through meditation we allow ourselves to deepen our relationship with our mental faculties, while becoming more capable of adapting to the many demands of life. One of the primary benefits of meditation is the development and cultivation of mindfulness, which is, the skill and state of being in which only that which one desires to occupy their thoughts is present within the conscious mind. Put simply, one is able to be free from distracting thoughts and able to be fully present with their attention to what’s important at any given time.

Meditation has been practiced through all of recorded history by everyone from ancient spiritual adepts, to, modern C.E.O’s of fortune 500 companies.

Kian has studied meditation for years and has now developed his own style which incorporates his original methods and ideas with those of his personal teachers, and, sages and guides throughout history. He believes that when we meditate, we are inviting harmony and clarity into our lives. His clients and students have reported benefits such as, increased mental clarity, more balanced nervous system, better sleep, improved focus, reduced anxiety, higher productivity, and emotional balance. Kian is available for personal and group meditation sessions via Zoom and FaceTime, as well as in person sessions at his Castle Rock or Cherry Hills locations. He is also available on a case by case basis for company trainings and events both in Colorado and beyond.

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